In A Mac Service Or Data Recovery Jam? MacMedics Is Here To Help!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Here are a few recent on-line reviews for MacMedics. Both of these are from We frequently re-post these here on our blog to give them wider exposure. For what ever reason, Yelp filters all 29 of our reviews for the MacMedics Millersville location.
I have been a customer of MacMedics for a long time. It seems that whenever I run into a jam, be it a crash of a hard drive or something less urgent such as a problem with my iPhoto library, MacMedics has come through with flying colors! They are professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They calmly determine what the problem is and offer solutions to fix it. 

Last week I raced to MacMedics with my back up drive, which I thought, might be compromised because of a power surge. I was going to arrive after closing time, and after calling Dana Stibolt; he assured me that he would wait for me because he understood the urgency of the situation. He quickly determined what the problem was and offered an inexpensive solution for the problem. 
I trust m MacMedics with all of my Apple needs. They have consistently performed well beyond my expectations. You can count on them.
Laura G.
Millersville, MD
MacMedics saved me. My daughter’s laptop with all her college applications and essays was hit by a hot chocolate spill on Christmas Eve. The MacMedics staff instructed me that I should bring the computer in the day after Christmas and they were able to retrieve the data from the hard drive. She was able to submit her applications for college with one day to spare. They were prompt, reassuring, and gave excellent service and advice.
Laurie Y.
Arlington, VA

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