In Appreciation Of MacMedics

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

What appears below is an edited portion of an e-mail that we received today. Sadly, this email was from a family member of an elderly client that we had helped for many years who recently passed away.
“The major reason that she was able to stay connected with technology after she moved to (a retirement home) in 2002 was her discovery of your MacMedics office (in Millersville). Your terrific customer service and technical support went above and beyond what she would have received anywhere else. She especially appreciated that you had an uncanny ability to understand what she was trying to do and how to help. And that you always treated her with respect and patience. How awesome that you were able to help my mother  who began her executive secretary career on a manual typewriter so many years ago stay engaged in meaningful connection with technology of today. You give new meaning to what great customer service and technical support can be.”

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