A car + an iPhone 3G left on a gravel driveway, glass side down = broken LCD & Glass/Digitizer

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FYI: MacMedics no longer fixes iPhones
Here’s an Apple iPhone 3G that arrived at MacMedics for repair today. It sadly got run over by a car while it was glass side down on a gravel driveway. The iPhone is still working, but the glass is broken (the digitizer) and the LCD (screen) that is under the glass is also broken. The back cover has a tiny crack in it, but it’s not bad enough to replace. Our techs should have no problem getting this unit fixed the same day it arrived. The most common repair for us at MacMedics is the iPhone 3G glass (digitizer) we do a number of those every day. If you need help with your iPhone 3G, please get in touch. Our blog post has all the details.

Side note: The owner of this phone broke a connector on the logic board when he tried to fix it himself. He realized he was over his head on the repair and brought it into MacMedics for a look. We CAN repair the broken glass AND the LCD, but we’re still looking into the broken connector. It only ends up costing about $40 in labor for MacMedics to fix your iPhone after you buy the parts on-line. It’s not really worth the hassle, nor the risk! Jay Garmon from TechRepublic did his own repair, and said he’d not do it again if possible.

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