Is Mountain Lion Too Hot For Your Mac To Handle?

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Apple released the next major installment of Mac OS X today. Mountain Lion comes with a number of new and exciting features, so you will need to know if your Mac can handle them or not. The general system requirements are straightforward:
Your current Mac has to be running Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion and you have to have at least 2GB of RAM (MacMedics recommends 4GB of RAM for ALL Macs) and 8GB of available space on your Mac’s hard drive.
In order to install and run Mountain Lion (10.8), you must also have one of the following Macintosh models:
-iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
-MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum)
-Early 2009 or newer)
-MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
-Xserve (Early 2009)
-MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
-Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)
-Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
The new Power Nap feature that keeps your Mac up-to-date AND backed up while it sleeps so that it’s instantly ready to go requires the latest 2012 MacBook Air or the 2012 Retina MacBook Pros.
Airplay mirroring that will show what’s on your Mac’s screen on an HDTV or projector wirelessly via an AppleTV requires a 2011 or newer Mac.
Need more RAM, a larger hard drive, or a new Mac? Bring your Mac by one of our offices for a free While-You-Wait Mountain Lion evaluation. We will go over your Mac to ensure that it is ready for an update. If upgrading your current Mac system is not enough, we do take trade-ins on new Apple Computers and iPads.
Upgrading to a totally new Mac OS can put a strain on hard drives (new or old!) and can especially wreak havoc on a drive in pre-failure. We see this ALL the time! It may be time for a hard drive retirement or upgrade to a larger drive or to a new Solid State Drive. See top 5 hard drive rules and requirements for safe data handling at
Getting Mountain Lion on your Mac is something we can help with. A good time to do that is at the same time we “retire”, replace, or upgrade your hard drive. We can put all of your data back on your new hard drive and your Mac will work and look exactly the same way it did before you brought it in for service (along with all of the new features of Mountain Lion). No appointment is needed and generally this type of service is complete within a day! Don’t forget that the Apple Store does not install “upgraded” hard drives, nor do they install non-Apple hard drives. Plus, when you have the work done here, the warranty on the drive we install is a full 1-year as opposed to the 90-days that Apple offers.
Before you install Mountain Lion (10.8) or any other Mac OS X system, you must have a tested and working backup of your data. Visit our Software Update Warnings Page at

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