Is There Hidden Data At Your Office? Do You Have Data That Is Not Being Backed Up?

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Is There Hidden Data at Your Office?
We’re usually involved when a large hard drive or RAID gets installed at one of our client’s offices, but not always. An employee might bring in a large hard drive from home, a RAID from a previous video editing project might get re-used elsewhere, or data that has been offline for a few years gets reconnected to the network.
In these instances, it’s best to let MacMedics know that something has been added. Data loss often happens during the re-introduction, handling, or copying phases, and we want to ensure that everything is protected and handled the way that it should be. For as little as $119, MacMedics can help you protect and preserve your data, ensuring that it’s always backed up and in your control.
With a RAID, even though such a device protects against hard drive malfunction, the RAID can still degrade, which means you could lose access to your data. If you are running a RAID of any type, that data also has to be backed up. Just because you copy data to a RAID or other large external hard drive, does not mean it’s backed up. Data ALWAYS needs to be in 2 places.
Also, are you storing data on a RAID without even knowing it??? Lots of people do, and it’s super dangerous. With a “Spanned” or “Striped” RAID, which are designed for performance NOT protection, if one hard drive fails in the RAID, you lose all of the data on BOTH hard drives. Read our previous Blog post about the topic here.

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