Laptops and liquids do not go together!!!!

“Laptops and liquids DO NOT not go together!!!! I just ruined my MacBook Air!!! It couldn’t be fixed completely. MacMedics in Severna Park did however hook me up with a great MacBook Pro for far less than Apple and helped me realize that my old Air does work with an external keyboard and mouse. So, I guess that’s good because my 2011 MacBook Pro (desk unit) died. So now I have a desk unit and a new to me MacBook Pro. They didn’t pressure me into anything. They answered my questions and helped me make an informed decision. I am embarrassed to say I can remember the lady’s name, but she was great”.

Kyle A. Crofton, Maryland

We thank Kyle, our new MacMedics from July 2023, for leaving this nice recommendation for us over on Facebook. Of course, we were happy to help, and he’s right. We are no-pressure sales, and we just want our customers to get the Apple tech they need for the best possible price. BTW it was our retail associate, Lori, who helped him pick out a new Mac.

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