LoJack For Laptops Lion Work Around Until Update Is Released

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Update 1/25/12 Lojack For Laptops is not available from the Apple App Store. See our link below for 25% off.
Update 1/8/12: If you don’t already own LoJack for Laptops for your Mac (or PC for that matter), we highly recommend it. Also, a pro tip from your friends here at MacMedics: Just because this product it called Lojack for Laptops, there’s no reason you cannot install it on any Mac computer. Obviously the iSight camera capture features are not going to work on a Mac Pro or Mac mini, but they can still be tracked, erased, and potentially recovered! Since this MacMedics Blog post seems to get quite a bit of traffic, we’re posting our link for special Lojack pricing that is currently 25% off any version, here:
The LoJack team have been working hard to ensure that LoJack for Laptops will be fully compatible with Apple’s new version of OS X, Lion (10.7)
If you plan to upgrade to OS X Lion before July 25th, you will need to take a few simple steps to maintain your LoJack for Laptops protection until our update is fully distributed.
Step 1: Download and Install OS X Lion (10.7) from the Mac App Store
Step 2: Go to www.lojackforlaptops.com/login and login to access your account (Note: If you have more than one Mac in your account, first click on the Mac you are upgrading.)
Step 3: Click Remove
Step 4: Click Install
Step 5: Download the installer
Step 6: When prompted, enter your registration code.
Step 7: Follow the remaining steps to complete the reinstallation of LoJack for Laptops.
Your LoJack recovery info won’t be of much help to you when you need to report your MacBook or MacBook Pro stolen if you don’t have that info with you. Lojack suggests you print your license info and put it in a safe place. It is not likely that you will be able to find it quickly, or have that info with you while traveling or at work.
Macs get ripped off all the time, so be sure to save this info as a PDF and upload it to your iPhone or iPod touch to iBooks via iTunes, so you’ll have it when you need it the most! See our new Blog post for more info.
Sign up for LoJack for Laptops for Mac here: http://www.macmedics.com/lojack

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