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If you own an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro we highly recommend LoJack for Laptops be installed on your computer. Also, LoJack can be installed on desktop Macintosh computers as well. Macs are magnets for thieves, so having them protected is a must! When planning for this thing, don’t forget about your backup. Yes computers can be replaced, but your valuable data cannot. If a crackhead looking for quick cash breaks into your place, they will most likely steal your computer and the backup drive that sits next to it. This is a very good reason to also have a “clone” back up hidden in your house, in your safe deposit box, or use an online back up service like Mozy or CrashPlan Pro.
Plus, there are documented stories of Mac users that have had their gear stolen, and used their on-line back up to track down the thief. While the thief is deleting the owns data off the computer he or she is most likely adding their own data. Thieves often don’t know how to work a Mac, so instead of creating a new account, they will just use the existing accounts on the computer. This is a good reason to have an unlocked “Guest” account on the computer. They will add their photos to iPhoto, use iTunes, and nobody can resist using Photo Booth. Also, with Apple Remote Desktop or Back To My Mac, you might be able to monitor your Mac remotely to learn where it is and who has it.
We have had a number of clients who have had their Apple laptops lost to theft this year. This upsets us, so we want to ensure we’re doing all we can to protect your property and your DATA! See our Blog post that lists the serial numbers of Macs and the area they were stolen from here.
We’ve chosen to use LoJack for Laptops for ALL of the MacBooks that are owned by MacMedics. It works well and once it’s installed it’s can’t be removed or detected by the thief who has the laptop.
LoJack for laptops provides theft recovery and remote delete services to protect your sensitive business data. If your laptop were to be lost to theft, you have the ability to track the thief via geo location or IP address reporting, and most likely have your equipment recovered. In situations where your laptop has sensitive data stored on it, you would also have the ability to erase your data remotely, “freeze” your computer, and even have a message displayed announcing the unit has been stolen.
If and when your Apple laptop is stolen, you activate the hidden LoJack software. Once your computer has been reported missing the LoJack team will work will law enforcement to recover your computer. Unlike most other recovery software, LoJack is not a DIY recovery.
It’s also very important to note, that your personal or business data is at a greater risk when it’s stored on a laptop. If your laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged, you could lose your data. It’s extra important that you have a tested and working back up of your data. If you need help setting up a back up for your MacBook, MacMedics has solutions starting at $89.
Contact MacMedics if you have any questions, need to purchase LoJack for Laptops, or need assistance with installing, configuring and testing your backup solution.
Learn more about LoJack for Laptops here:
LoJack for Laptops in the news: LoJack helped recover some computers that had been reported stolen from the Charles County Public School system. Both computers were recovered by using computer keystroke tracking was used to discover the identity of the alleged thief. Read more here.
Update 6/4/11: Since the Mac tracking software “Hidden” has been in the news recently, lots of Mac users have been researching laptop tracking software. LoJack offers some features that Hidden does not, one of them being that you can securely “erase” or “lockup” your computer with LoJack. LoJack does not make pictures available to you and I’m not sure if they even use them or not. This is one of the reasons that it might be wise to have two programs installed. One that you can monitor and LoJack to have professional recovery team do their work from the other side.
Here’s the link to the story that was in the news recently.
Sign up for LoJack for Laptops for Mac here:

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