Lose your iPhone 3G, then pay $400 to replace it, and extend your AT&T contract for two more years = Sad.

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One of our MacMedics Mac Techs lost his iPhone 3G in the Patapsco river while boarding a boat for a night of sailing. Not exactly the best way to start off a night of relaxing sailing near Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD.
There are two lessons here:
1. While it might seem like a good idea to carry your iPhone, Blackberry, or other cellphone/iPod type device clipped to your pocket or belt for easy access, it’s not the safest place. I speak from personal experience, as my horse sort of ran into me (you other horse people know what I’m talking about), knocked my Nextel cell phone off my belt holster, then promptly stepped on it. 1200 pound horse vs. little flip phone, I don’t think I have to revel the winner of that battle here.
The MacMedic who lost his phone overboard (we won’t name names to protect the innocent) was carrying his iPhone on a belt clip. I think the wisest thing it not to clip on, but to carry your iPhone in your pocket. I use a Griffin hard plastic case that (does have clip, but I don’t use the clip to attach it to my belt) and it has saved my phone at least three times. The iPhone is so slim and sleek, my semi-bulky plastic case keeps my iPhone from sliding out of my pocket, and when I go to answer the phone I can locate it quickly and use the case to hold onto the phone as I goto answer a call.
2. The other thing to know here is how Apple treats a lost 3G iPhone. They charged our Tech $400. and forced him to extend his contract with AT&T for an additional two years.
I highly recommend this case, it’s the one I use.

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