LPT: If you have to have your iPhone fixed away from home

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LPT: If you happen to be on vacation and you have to go outside of Apple to have your iPhone screen replaced, ask to keep your old “broken” screen. The non-Apple places don’t “have” to have that, and they sell them to make extra money. Once you arrive back home and your replacement non-Apple screen fails, and you have your old Apple screen too, you can come to see us, get your phone repaired correctly, and hopefully also get your money back from the non-Apple repair place. Plus, you were on vacation, and it might not be possible to go back to where you were to fight them for your money back.

This unusual “sunset green” screen on this iPhone found it’s self in just this predicament. When it’s friendly owner returned to Severna Park the screen only lasted a few days, then looked like this.

Apple WILL take a third-party screen back, but if you want to also get your money back from the place that sold you the now faulty non-Apple screen, they usually wish to have their “bad” part back. If you still have the original screen that was broken in the first place, bring us the sick iPhone along with your initial screen, and we can send the bad cracked screen back to Apple as part of your now Apple Authorized repair. In the end you’ll have the third-party screen back to get a refund from the place you visited when you were out of town.

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