Automate your high-capacity server’s backups with MacMedics!

We had a retirement send-off for a MacMedics Philadelphia customer’s old T48 workhorse on Friday. This new Overland-Tandberg NEOxl 40 is ready to take over, equipped with LTO9 and LTO8 tape drives for fast and reliable backups of their SNS EVO system, which racked right above it. (Did we mention that MacMedics is the Mid-Atlantic […]

I just recovered 33-year-old data from a Mac Classic II!

I just recovered 51 MB of 33-year-old data from an 80 MB Apple Mac Classic SCSI hard drive from 1992. I used a Power Mac G4 from 2000 with a SCSI card to recover the data successfully. We’ve been told that we’re the only folks left in Maryland that still can perform this type of […]

Another successful Vintage Mac data recovery: A PowerBook G4 from 2003!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

A MacMedics customer asked us to recover the data off of this PowerBook G4 12-inch from 2003. They had taken it to another shop where they couldn’t figure out how to take it apart and actually broke the Mac’s case. Also, some of the screws were missing (not cool). This particular Mac is notoriously difficult […]

This 13” MacBook Pro got soaked with Coffee!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

This 13” MacBook Pro got soaked with Coffee! The customer had not backed up their data, which was especially scary as the display was not lit up! Thankfully, we were able to back up the customer’s data. The unit has so much coffee that it smelled like a coffee shop here while I was backing […]

“Trust, but verify” your Mac’s Time Machine backup drive!

This high-quality G-Tech hard drive was used for Time Machine in 2015 but was re-used from their previous Mac. However, it died somewhere along the way and stopped backing up. I wanted to get a reading on how many hours it had been in service, but unfortunately, it was too sick for me to pull […]

I highly recommend this place for Mac users!

Anderson L.Ft. Meade, Maryland “I had a great experience coming in on a whim when my MacBook went down. They took the time to assess my computer’s issues and gave me a perfect solution to salvage the hardware in a reasonably priced refurbished machine. It was all done on the spot and in a timely […]

Skip the Genius bar and the crowds at the Apple Store.

Skip the Genius bar and the crowds at the Apple Store.

Thank you to Jay, our longtime customer on his fourth iMac, that he’s purchased from MacMedics! When you shop local, the dollar stays here in the area and helps support our small business! Shop small, not corporate, this holiday season! “Shop local. This is the fourth iMac I have purchased from Dana at MacMedics. As […]

PLEASE, please have the Gift Card Scam talk with the older folks in your life!

Don't ever give the code to gift cards out to anyone!

PLEASE, please have the Gift Card Scam talk with the older folks in your life. One of my longtime customers was just here at MacMedics asking if we sold Apple Gift Cards. I told him, “No, but Safeway across the street does.” Then I caught myself. “I asked how many did you need”? “He said […]

Shop small and local this holiday season!

“I had a really great experience at MacMedics today. It’s a special place. It reminds me of how service used to be before corporations took over and everything became automated and self-serve. I’ll recommend MacMedics to everyone … let’s keep small businesses thriving so we all can benefit.”Lindsey A.Crofton, MD The local Apple shopping arena […]

We recovered the data from this M1 MacBook Air that was liquid-damaged and would not power on.

Before we sent this severely liquid-damaged MacBook to Apple for a $299 AppleCare liquid service, we recovered the data before it was shipped out. Even if your machine doesn’t power on, or if it has liquid damage, or if you can’t see your screen, we may still be able to get your data. When new […]