Mac Medics seems to have figured out how to operate safely and effectively during this time of COVID-19

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

The following is a Five-Star Google Review our customer, Charles Left for MacMedics:

“Mac Medics seems to have figured out how to operate safely and effectively during this time of social/professional distancing. I took my laptop to their store and followed their simple guidelines to drop it off for repairs. The process made me feel as though they take customers’ AND employees’ safety seriously. I really appreciated that. Since I hung on to this laptop for about four years after it initially broke before bringing it in, unfortunately, it could not be fixed. I received notice of its obsolescence within a quick two days. Okay, no problem, I knew it was a long shot. So I called back to arrange payment for their time investigating my issue and to arrange to pick up my dead MacBook. The person answering the phone was great and clear about the issue. Surprisingly, Mac Medics waived the diagnostic fee (which would have been more than fair), and they offered to dispose of it for me. I appreciate this so much because I would have needed to drive all the way to their location just to pick up a computer-turned-paperweight and bring it home. Now I don’t have to worry about following up, and I’m rid of a piece of non-working tech in home. The process was easy and painless. Obviously, these guys know their stuff and care about serving people responsibly. Good employees and a good business. This was my second encounter with them, but my first review. They brought back some computers from the dead on the previous visit. I’m a fan.”

Charles, Thank you for your continued support! We’re sad to see a Mac at the point where it no longer makes sense to repair, but it was a 2011 model, so you had a good run. When you’re ready to buy a new Mac, don’t forget that MacMedics is also an Apple Authorized Reseller and we sell Apple gear (minus the iPhone and the Watch) for the same price as the Apple Store. We are happy to responsibly recycle the old unit after your data has been securely erased for free.

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