MacBook Air gets slammed into user by an airbag in car accident

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Before Mac Repair: MacBook Air with warped LCD and screen back (and cool fake desktop picture).

Before Mac Repair: With MacBook Air display assembly detached from computer.

After Mac Repair: After damaged Apple MacBook Air was successfully repaired. The display assembly was the only service part we needed in order to complete the repair.
Well, the unusual Macintosh repair and services cases never seem to stop. Just after we rescued 2.2 MBs off a 20 year old Mac IIci, and thought we’d be back to normal Mac repairs and service, this fascinating case showed up in the lab today. We’re pretty sure that out of all of the cases that came to our Millersville repair center today this one takes the cake.
So this nice fellow with a really sore chest brought this crumpled MacBook Air by MacMedics today (he’s okay by the way!). This MacBook Air was involved in a pretty serious car accident. The client who brought it to us was in the passenger seat with the MacBook Air on his lap, when he was suddenly in a serious car accident.
The bent screen housing and the warped LCD where caused when the open MacBook Air on his lap was “piledriven” right into his chest by the deploying air bag. (I never thought I would be writing this to an insurance company).
Needless to say, this MacBook Air is super smashed! Best of all is the amazing black and white “desktop picture” of a majestic mountain that was left behind as memento of the accident.
We’ve just started our work on the unit, but despite being slammed into it’s users chest the unit seem to still work.
BTW: If your MacBook Air just has a broken LCD, MacMedics can help! Just drop it off or mail it in using this form.
We’ll keep our Blog readers posted on what we find out about this “smashed” MacBook Air. Enjoy the video!
Update 7/15/09: The display assembly was the only service part we needed in order to complete the repair. The MacBook Air was fine other wise and passes ALL Apple service diagnostics. There was no other case damage to the unit, other than the “taco” shaped LCD.

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