MacBook Pro user from Australia gets VIP Macintosh service & logic board replacement in less then 24 hours from MacMedics

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If you’re already a fan of MacMedics and our award-winning Macintosh service and repair, the following testimonial will not surprise you. For Macintosh users who have not yet discovered us, be sure to read our Blog posts about why to come see us instead of going elsewhere.
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Our Apple Macintosh service and repair system is dedicated to speedy and accurate results. If there’s ANY way we can do the service better or faster, we’ll always take that route. When special circumstances (like the following testimonial) present themselves, we always rise to meet the Mac service or data recovery challenge.
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Late last month, I was traveling within the US on a multi-city whirlwind business trip. Imagine my horror when in the early AM, my Macbook Pro completely died of what appeared to be a logic board failure. Without my laptop the rest of my 3-week business trip would need to be abandoned.
Thankfully a quick search of nearby Authorized Apple repair shops located MacMedics only a short drive from downtown Baltimore.
Charles from MacMedics was courteous, professional and completely up front by providing a realistic appraisal of the time it would take to repair my laptop. Not only did Charles advise me on the likely time to complete the needed repairs, he also developed a plan to deal with the worst case scenario if my Macbook pro was not ready by the time I needed to depart Baltimore (only 36 hours later). Knowing that my laptop could be shipped to me even if I were no longer in Baltimore provided great peace of mind.
MacMedics not only kept to their quoted timeframes, they exceeded my expectations, and my fully functioning Macbook pro (complete with new logic board) was ready for collection in less than 24 hours from the time I had brought it in. This is truly amazing work!
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to each and every person at MacMedics who helped bring about this excellent result. I would highly recommend MacMedics for anyone requiring timely and professional care of their Apple products.
Richard Bayliss

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