MacKeeper now falsely reporting "Tapsnake" virus is found on Macs

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We’re getting reports that MacKeeper is now falsely reporting that Macs are infected with the “Tapsnake” virus. MacKeeper is rip-off software that falsely reports “problems” with your Mac and offers to fix them. It is mostly sold through scare-tactics that use JavaScript popups in a web browser. Just about anything you see in a web browser popup is likely to be a lie.
There is Mac malware, mostly in the form of “trojans” and adware and much of it finds its way onto the Mac by way of those MacKeeper ads.
Do not download or install MacKeeper. If you have already installed MacKeeper then please quit MacKeeper and drag the application from your Applications folder to the trash. Then download this application and use it to run a scan on your Mac and remove any adware/malware that it finds. (now Malware Bytes).

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