MacMedics 5-Star Review: "I will never take a device to Apple again as long as the MacMedics team is around"

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

“I buy Apple products because of their design, features, and overall awesome service delivery. Having the opportunity to work with the MacMedics team feels like yet another extension of Apple’s awesome service model. Actually, these guys are better than Apple employees in almost every way.
I first went to MacMedics: Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider for: Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple Watch about seven or eight years ago at the recommendation of an Apple advisor. While they were the quickest option available to fix my then dead MacBook screen, I didn’t trust doing this because they were not Apple employees. I can honestly say that using these guys was the best recommendation EVER! They are the fastest at what they do, and can usually turn your repair around in 24 – 48 hours; not even Apple can do that. And they have the best attitudes of any service people I’ve encountered. They’re just awesome to work with.
Most recently, I took my 2010 iMac in to have them upgrade the hard drive to a solid state from the traditional one. Not only did they turn the repair around the same day, but they also saved me lots of money. Simon was great in recommending that I could go to Amazon to find the parts for cheaper, and then bringing it all to them to install for just $150. Thanks, Simon. I later had the pleasure of working with both Chris and Sam. Sam was the best to work with even after I screwed up the work they had done with the new install of El Capitan. Because I couldn’t get the download to work from my account, Sam offered to do the install again at no cost. Sam and Chris even took the iMac back in a few more times to troubleshoot a RAM issue, again at no additional cost to me.
I honestly, enjoy taking my Apple devices to MacMedics because they care about the work they do, and also the customers they’re working with. They truly make tough electronic issues easier to deal with because they are honest people. I will never take a device to Apple again as long as the MacMedics team is around. THANKS, GUYS!”
-Baltimore, MD

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