MacMedics buys Macs, iPhones, and iPads!

When a $999 M1 MacBook Air that is 10x faster and 3x the battery life of Intel based Macs made just three years ago, the dynamics for the feasibility of repair change dramatically. We use the following criteria to determine if a repair is worth the cost: 1. Don’t spend more than 50% of the replacement cost! 2. Don’t spend more than the unit is worth repairing it!

MacMedics is committed to sharing our repair advice with our customers. We want the repair to make sense for you, and we’ll always disclose if we don’t believe the repair cost is worth the price.
About 1/3 of our incoming repair cases are going to have a repair cost that is more than $400-$500, which means it’s more effective to buy a new Mac than the repair an older Mac.
As an Apple Authorized Reseller, MacMedics offers new Apple Mac computers and iPads for the exact same price as the Apple Store.
Everybody knows that Apple accepts trade-ins, but their trade-in values have been dropping, and some devices, such as ones with a broken screen, might only be worth $50-$100. Also, when you trade in with Apple, it’s a trade-in on a new device, not cash! Plus, Apple can reject the trade-in!
Dana Stibolt (the owner of MacMedics) is a state-licensed buyer of previously used or broken Apple gear; MacMedics pays cash for devices that you no longer need, even if they are damaged.
So skip the meet-up with dubious buyers in a parking lot where your device might be stolen. No last-minute haggling over price where you’re told that “this is all I have.” Best of all, you can be paid quickly for your gear instead of waiting for a Facebook Marketplace buyer to respond to your ad or waiting to be paid by eBay! Don’t forget on eBay or other selling platforms, you also lose a large percentage of your profit; plus, you also have to deal with eBay scammers or buyers who don’t understand what you’re selling and then want to return it!
Just turn off the “Find my iPhone” or Find my Mac,” and MacMedics will securely erase your device (if you have not done so already) for free.

MacMedics’ goal is to make the process of selling your used or broken Apple devices as convenient and profitable for you as possible!

Call Dana at 410-987-8588 to make an appointment to drop off your Apple computer, iPhone, or iPad.