MacMedics Case File: A Happy Ending To A Valentines Day Data Recovery

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We love helping our clients with tough problems. It would however be great if we did not have to grapple with difficult data recoveries under stress. Basically, we don’t like to see our customers cry, when data is lost. The following is a review that one of our clients just posted over on Yelp. Thankfully this story has a happy ending. Also, we had forgot about the iPhone that we fixed that fell off the roof of a car. That was a pretty epic repair.
If you’d like to check into the multiple Yelp reviews we have, be sure to take a look at our “Filtered Reviews”. Turns out, that our reviews are so positive that Yelp’s review filter thinks most of them are fake.

“I have been a Mac user now for about 6 years and any time I have had anything minor to major issues I have gone right to Mac Medics. These guys are seriously like under cover angels.
One time I left my iPhone on the roof of my car and it flew off going 55 mph. These guys were able to salvage my phone and it was completely affordable. They did it fast too!
Recently my friend’s hard drive failed. She and I both are photographers and our hard drives are everything. They could tell we were both very upset and despite it being an incredibly difficult fix that would normally be around $400 they agreed to try and figure something out and try and help us the best they could for a much more affordable price. To quote them “lets put our hearts and our minds into this and do our best.”
They really are amazing guys and they will ALWAYS get my business and I will always take my fellow Mac users there.”
Ashley B.
Baltimore, MD

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