MacMedics Case File: Another Successful And Full Data Recovery For Author Susan Henderson

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We recently helped a new client from New York with a pretty tricky data recovery situation. She had visited the Apple Store to have her hard drive replaced. They were not able to do anything with her old hard drive. They ran some tests and told her her hard disk had “failed and lost all data”. She asked them if she was able to hang onto her old drive, which our Apple colleagues graciously static bagged for her. She then securely packed it and shipped it to us for data recovery.
On our first attempt, we were not able to grab any data, but we stuck with it and was able to recover all of her data.
Below is what she had to say about sending her hard drive to MacMedics:
My computer started freezing regularly and soon after would not restart. I was shocked when I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and they told me there was “zero data” on my hard drive. I’m a writer and I had not backed up my work for years. I lost a memoir, my next two novels, not to mention years of photos, iTunes, and on and on. I was devastated and sent my faulty hard drive off to MacMedics. They did a “Tier 1” recovery and found all the files to be corrupted. I thought this was the end. Then they did a “Tier 2” recovery, and a few days later sent a G-Drive Mini to me with EVERYTHING restored. I’m ecstatic! (And now I back-up compulsively with Mozy.) Thank you MacMedics!
Susan Henderson,
author of UP FROM THE BLUE

You can read more about this including comments from her Blog readers and MacMedics at this link. You can read more about the MacMedics 5 rules of data protection and preservation at
Also, don’t assume that when someone tells you your hard drive has “failed and lost all data”, that that is the gospel. Many folks don’t have the time, knowledge, or the energy to really know what’s up with your hard drive. At least 50% of the people that come into our shop with a “dead” hard drive don’t need clean room data recovery. If you send your drive away to “clean room” recovery for a free evaluation, and they can recover your data easily, you are still going to pay a pretty penny. Can you risk your data to our process, in almost all cases, yes. You can can do further damage by using the wrong process to try and recover the data, but if we suspect that your drive needs the clean room treatment, we’ll refer you to one of our partners. You data is worth a second opinion. If your data is worth $150, then it’s worth letting us have a crack at it.
Also, the data recovery firms pay a commission to the folks that refer business to them (including us). Many people would rather just have that commission, rather then trying to take the trouble of trying to recover your data. If your data is super critical, then you may want to go right to a clean room firm. If you’re not sure, please call us and ask us how we think your case should be handled. We do this every single day, so we do have a good deal of Macintosh Data Recovery experience we can share with you.

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