MacMedics Case File: The Ikea Glass Desk Collapse

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We just repaired a newer Apple iMac for a client that had its front glass broken. It looked like a pretty simple repair on the surface, as the iMac was still working. We asked the client what happened, and they informed us that their Ikea desk had collapsed and the iMac had fallen to the floor. We replaced the glass panel with no problem, but because the unit had fallen, we wanted check the hard drive too.
No big surprise there. When we checked it, the installed hard drive already had a quite a number of uncorrectable errors and was failing quickly.
We recommended that the hard drive also get replaced while it was here.
A scenario like the one above is never one that you would expect, but they do happen. Even in your own home, something could happen that puts your data in great jeopardy. If you look a few posts below this one, we recently blogged about a MacBook that was destroyed in a house fire in Pasadena, Maryland.
We highly recommend an off-site backup. Make a clone of your data and put it in your desk at work, or subscribe to an online backup service and backup to the Cloud. We work with Mozy and CrashPlan Pro, and those links can be found below.

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