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We’ve helped author Tom Clancy with his Macintosh service needs for almost 10 years.
His new book, Dead Or Alive came out today (12/7/10).
I learned that he had a new book coming out earlier this year. One of the things that bothered me greatly, was the fact that went nowhere and was just a blank, white webpage.
I approached Mr. Clancy with a plan for bringing this valuable website asset back to life to support his forthcoming book.
It took some pretty intense planning and some fancy footwork, but I worked with his publisher to help design a new site to promote Dead Or Alive while the new was being developed.
Now the new site is up and it even incorporates a video “trailer” to promote his new book.
I was a huge Tom Clancy fan way before I started working for him, so it was especially cool to start helping him with his Macintosh computers. Most people don’t know that Tom Clancy is one of the original Apple Masters members. See Wikipedia for more info. So it’s even cooler that he thinks I’m a Mac Wizard. See my signed copy of Red Rabbit below.

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