MacMedics Hard Drive Warranty Covers Former macUpgrades Clients Until End Of 2011

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

If you’re a former macUpgrades client and you had a hard drive replacement or upgrade performed there anytime in 2010, and that hard drive has now failed, MacMedics will honor the warranty on the parts and service for that repair.
If macUpgrades repaired your hard drive in 2010, MacMedics will cover that repair under our warranty until the end of 2011. Just present a copy of your invoice from macUpgrades that shows you paid for a new hard drive and installation in 2010, and we’ll take care if the issue for you.
What’s covered? We’ll replace your hard drive in your Macintosh laptop or desktop with an equivalent size hard drive, and install a fresh copy of the Apple operating system that came with the computer or a more recent version with appropriate proof of purchase.
If your hard drive has failed and you also need our professional data recovery services, we can help! Our data recovery fee is $399 for any size drive.
If you haven’t heard about the purchase of macUpgrades of Bethesda, Maryalnd by MacMedics, you can read about that at:

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