MacMedics introduces While-You-Wait iPhone 3G glass/digitizer service

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Thank you to our loyal MacMedics clients, who keep bringing us more iPhones to fix AND for telling their friends about us.
We’re finding that more and more iPhone users are just super, super dependent on their iPhones. Heavy duty users can’t even stand to leave their iPhone for same-day service (Usually only a few hours). So, to help the people that need a repaired iPhone 3G right now, we now offer Emergency While-You-Wait glass/digitizer service for the iPhone 3G (iPhone 3G S Emergency service is coming soon!)
Just bring your broken iPhone 3G into our Millersville Mac Lab and we’ll just install a new iPhone 3G top glass, digitizer, home button, and frame (all at once) for you in about 5 minutes. Maybe you’re catching a flight out of town (at nearby BWI), or you just need to get back to work right away, we’ll do it on the spot for you.
A nice side benefit, is folks that have both the common broken glass (the iPhone 3G lens) AND a broken LCD (the screen under the glass) and want their iPhone fixed on the spot can also have the repair done in about 5 minutes.
The price for this service is $199. with a 1-year warranty on the new part. Show us that you’re following MacMedics on Twitter or sign up for the MacMedics e-mail newsletter and we’ll knock off $10 this or any other iPhone, iPod, or Macintosh service!
Just give us a call at 1-866-MAC-MEDICS for more details.

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