“MacMedics is exceptional”

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

“MacMedics is exceptional. They were able to get my MacBook Pro up and running after being dead for three years. All photos and files are still there. Thank you!!!”

Joi Bannister
Accokeek, MD

Our customer Joi was close to losing their data due to a severely damaged directory. We were able to repair that software issue quickly. We love helping customers save their data, but our services are no substitute for a Time Machine backup. All it takes is an external hard drive! You can provide the hard drive or buy one from us, and we’ll set it up and configure it for free! Also, Joi’s hard drive was a mechanical hard drive that could be “removed” from the Mac.

For 2018 13” MacBook Pro and MacBook Air units, the hard drive is now part of the main logic board. On 15” MacBook Pro units, the hard drive has been part of the logic board since 2017. While highly reliable, accidents and sudden failures can and still do occur! This means that it’s not like the days of old where if there was a liquid spill, our techs could “remove” your hard drive and insert it into another Mac and rescue or recover your data. iCloud is one way to protect some of your data, but it’s not a total and complete backup of your Mac. We like Backblaze for that! Also, a Time Machine backup drive is a cheap and solid way to protect your data. And it’s a brilliant idea to have more than one and “encrypt” them with a password and store them in different places!

If you want to grab Backblaze for your true off-site backup, it is unlimited (including external drives) and only $7 a month. Use our code below for a free trial!


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