MacMedics is the Best Apple / Mac Service and Repair Shop in the Baltimore / Washington Area

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s three recent comments from clients MacMedics has performed Apple warranty repairs for:

1. As always the people at Mac Medics were right on point and offered the best quality service. I have never been disappointed with any visit to them and would highly recommend them to anyone who needed service.
2. They went beyond just repairing the problem. They made recommendations and then provided solutions as to how I might prevent the possible consequences of the problem in the future. I am highly satisfied with every aspect of their service.
3. This MacMedics location is unbelievable….repaired in under 24 hours. Called me to come pickup and explained all repairs and warranty issues.They are definitely the hardest working group in your network. I can’t say enough abut their professionalism and attention to detail.
MacMedics is a 100% Apple Macintosh-only, award-winning consulting and service firm founded in the Annapolis area in 1989. As Apple Authorized Value Added Resellers and Apple Authorized Service Providers, MacMedics is able to provide full-spectrum Apple-centric and specialized consultation and service to wide array of industries, agencies, and organizations.
MacMedics offers their progressive style of on-site Mac service and repair to most of the Mid-Atlantic region via their three offices located in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Philadelphia, PA. MacMedics services all Macs, Macintosh servers, and Mac networks in professional, government, educational, and home environments.
Here’s ten reasons to come see the friendly folks at the MacMedics Mac Lab in Severna Park or Lanham:
1. No appointments are necessary at MacMedics: Just walk in and our expert Apple Certified Techs will take great care of you.
2. No lines: We’re always busy, but there’s almost never a wait to speak to a MacMedic Tech.
3. Quick Check In: Tell us what your Mac’s issue or problem is, and we’ll get right on the case! We’ll call you to talk in detail when we have an idea of what’s going on with your unit and what ALL of your options are. MacMedics offers an initial Macintosh Dialogistic for your computer at no charge. If we have to dig deep with part testing or advanced software testing our fee is only $99, and only if you choose NOT to have your machine repaired.
4. No lugging your Apple iMac through the mall: Our front door is less then 5 steps from our parking lot. You can bring your Mac in, or come in and get us, and we’ll carry it in for you.
5. Quick Turn-Around: Our goal for in-lab service it to have it done in less then 24 hours. Many repairs take less time, and if that’s the case then your Mac will be back to you even quicker.
6. Hassle free warranty: Got a Mac that needs out of warranty service? The Apple Store only offers a 90-day service warranty. MacMedics “Hassle Free” warranty is a full 1-year!
7. Need a new Mac? We’ve got them: Come pick out what you want, and we’ll be happy to help with no sales hype! MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller, so you can get the equipment you need coupled with the very best advice from the experts at MacMedics.
8. Full Apple Authorized Service for iPhone, iPad, and iPods: If your iPhone is broken, we can send it directly to Apple. If you have AppleCare+ and you screen is cracked Apple will supply you with a free loaner while your iPhone is away. If your iPhone is under warranty and is NOT damaged, you also get a free Apple supplied loaner. If you are out of warranty and need a loaner, we can supply one for $50 with a data transfer from your sick phone to a loaner, and then from the loaner back to your “fixed” iPhone.
9. Advanced, complex, or difficult repairs are performed at MacMedics every day: If you’ve been quoted an exorbitant amount of money to have your Mac fixed at the Apple Store, MacMedics can help! Liquid damage, fried logic boards, SuperDrive replacements, broken LCDs or MacBook Pro LCD clamshell replacement, and severe Macintosh case damage are all offered at MacMedics and often for hundreds of dollars less then Apple (or anywhere else!).
10. Data recovery and data preservation. A. When we work on your Apple device, we’ll work hard to protect your data. If you’ve lost your data, our Advanced Data Migration starts at just $249. That fee covers the data data recovery and all repair labor to replace your hard drive and also restore your data. Advanced Data Recovery is $499 and includes a free 1TB hard drive to return your data to you.

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