MacMedics is the only place to go for Apple service/support.

MacMedics is the only place to go for Apple service/support.

“I found that when using MacMedics, I have more of an ADVOCATE, helping me fix my problem, not someone telling me what “Apple Corporate Policy” is. The team at MacMedics knows Apple policy and knows how to work around it/with it to benefit me. So even if I am pissed with Apple, they find the best solution to get me up and running as inexpensive as possible….an incredible value.

Just visit and talk to them for 2 minutes, and you will recognize the knowledge they have”.

SY Ohana
Crownsville, MD

We appreciate your support! With an average tenure of almost ten years across our team at MacMedics, you will only find our level of Apple knowledge here. MacMedics is one of only two Apple Authorized Service Providers left in Maryland, so shopping locally does make a difference! No appointments are required at MacMedics, and we’ll always work to save your data if possible, even if you can see your data or your Mac is dead!

Dana helped this customer get a new iPhone for free. Dana knows all the tricks for getting the cell phone carriers to give you the best deal on a new phone. When this customer showed up with an iPhone that Dana did not think was worth the cost of the repairs. He called his carrier from our showroom, and Dana coached him through the call to score a free iPhone that was newer and much better than the one presented for repair! Did MacMedics make any profit from this transaction? Nope, but we gained a grateful customer for life who now knows he has a friend in the business! This customer was here today to drop off his MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019 for AppleCare liquid service.

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