MacMedics Macintosh Consulting Case File: It's Not Just About The Macs, It's About Saving Money Too!

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While MacMedics has made a name for ourselves in the Macintosh consulting and service community by providing thoughtful and well planned solutions, our expertise is not limited to just Macs, or even computers.
When one of our customers asked us if his video security system would work with his Macintosh computer systems, we dived right in. We asked for a system to be shipped to us, we set it up and reported back on our findings.
The verdict: This system was not right for him, or his needs.
When this same customer started having problems with his over one mile of underground video, telephone, and data cables, a quote was requested for a fiber optic solution.
We were asked to look at the quote, and when it looked too high, we started calling our connections in the Baltimore tech community. We coordinated a new proposal from a diffrent cabliing vendor at no cost to the customer. When the dust had cleared and the project had been properly specified, and re-quoted, our consulting and examination of the project ended up saving this customer about $40,000!
We don’t tolerate wasteful spending, and when we see a problem, Macintosh or otherwise, we’ll point it out to you, and document it in our written report.
If your last consulting project got left unfinished, or if your consultant was more used to removing spyware from Windows machines, then MacMedics is the company you need to call. Better sooner than later.
If you want to talk to someone who can help right now, give us a call on one of our Macintosh Service hotlines or e-mail us.

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