MacMedics Macintosh Service Case File: A MacBook That Had Been Serviced At A Nationwide Mac Repair Shop

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Sending your MacBook or MacBook Pro off to one of the “Nationwide” Mac repair shops, might sound like a good idea.
Here’s a couple of things to consider.
Are their techs Apple Certified with many years of Mac hardware experience?
Are they advertising the “lowest price” on the Internet? If they are, they maybe going for the quantity vs. the quality business model. Since 1989 MacMedics has worked extremely hard to provide excellent workmanship, efficient service, and an accurate Macintosh service diagnosis.
Because of our promise of quality and workmanship, we’ll also reinstall all screws in their correct locations, and ensure that the Apple Macintosh case tolerances are as close to the original factory fit as humanly possible. (This holds true for Macintosh, iPhone, and iPhone repairs.)
Today, a Black MacBook came in for repair. It had previously been sent to a “mail-in” Internet Mac repair business. When we took the unit apart we were appalled to see that the unit had been improperly serviced elsewhere before.
In this MacBook’s case we were able to see five items right away that tipped us off.
1. Unabated liquid damage on top case near battery
2. Damaged temperature sensor cable for optical drive
3. Missing optical drive screw
4. Misplaced screw in optical drive (a large size screw forced into incorrect location)
5. Two missing top case screws.

See this picture large size here.
In this case the screw securing the optical drive was too large for the screw hole it was in. It was causing a pressure spot on the bottom case to burp out.

See this picture large size here.
Ripped temperature sensor for the optical drive. The temperature sensor is suppose to be attached to a cable and is meant to be in this plastic carriage.

See this picture large size here.
While this liquid damage is in a spot that might not cause an issue, it’s always a good idea to completely clean this corrosion out of a computer as it can break off and move to other parts of the computer.
The saddest part of this story is that the Black MacBook was coming into to MacMedics for “backlight” or “inverter” issues. This was due to the fact that the replacement LCD that had been installed elsewhere had failed and was no longer under warranty. This is another item to carefully consider. MacMedics offers a full one-year warranty on all of our Macintosh repairs. While other Internet based mac repair places come and go, MacMedics has been in business since 1989, so if your unit has issues in the future, we’ll be here to help (and to honor our warranty). Also, as Apple Authorized Service Providers, our shop floor has been inspected by Apple and exceeds their requirements for anti-static measures.

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