MacMedics offers iPod Nano 4th gen. glass and iPhone 3G dock connector repairs

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

We’ve been doing tons of iPhone 3G and 3G S repairs, so a big thank you to all of our new customers for sending units in, and many thanks to old customers for all of the referrals!
Our most popular repair continues to be the iPhone 3G glass/digitizer repair, which we perform with one-way FedEx shipping for $109.99. MacMedics is now also offering the iPhone 3G S glass/digitizer repair as well for $129.99 with one-way FedEx shipping.
We’re also adding a new iPhone 3G repair to our repertoire, as we now offer the iPhone 3G USB dock connector repair for $80 including one-way FedEx shipping.
Another new repair to join our list is the Nano 4th Generation glass lens replacement, which we offer for $69 with one-way FedEx shipping as well.
If you need to send us one (or more) of your sick iPods, iPhones, or Macs for repair, you can use this form to send with your unit. It even has a USPS shipping label you can clip out if you are sending via U.S. Mail.
Don’t forget we’re one of only a few repair firms that take trade ins of ANY iPod or iPhone in ANY condition. Use the value of something that’s just hanging around gathering dust to help defray your repair cost. Just make a note on your repair form, and use a piece of masking tape to label your trade in as “CREDIT”
Thanks, and always feel free to get in touch via e-mail if our service team can be of assistance or if you’d like to request two-way FedEx shipping for any repair. We’ll just e-mail you a PDF of a pre-paid FedEx label for return shipping. For this service we’ll add just $10 to your bill.

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