MacMedics provides large scale institutional Macintosh service (both on-site and in-lab)

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Lots of schools, collages, and universities have discovered that MacMedics has really good institutional Macintosh service. We’ve been providing Mac service to places like MICA and Johns Hopkins for decades (how many Mac places can say that?). We’ve always focused on helping our clients and performing service for them as quickly as possible. Right now we’re fixing Macs for Prince George’s county schools and a university in a remote area of Pennsylvania that is not anywhere near a good Apple Authorized Service Provider. They have been shipping the units into us over the course of several weeks.
(BTW: If you work or goto school at JHU or MICA be sure to ask for your 10% MacMedics Macintosh service discount)
Nathan, one of our on-site techs in MacMedics Washington snapped this picture in our Lanham, Maryland Mac Lab of some of the machines we worked on waiting to go back into service. We kind of ran out of room, so these units are lined up in our conference room. Makes a cool shot with Bob Dylan and Amelia Earheart looking on. (we have a complete set of these posters BTW.)

Several months ago Apple asked us to help Washington DC public schools get about 50 eMacs serviced. Me and two other techs spent 2 full days on-site in DC replacing logic boards. It was a pretty impressive accomplishment. Notice how fast Charles’ hand is moving as he services this sick eMac.

If MacMedics can help you with your Macintosh service needs, you can rest assured that we’ve got the know-how and the manpower to get it done.

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