MacMedics service recap for week of May 4th

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Message from Dana Stibolt:
Greetings from MacMedics. Things have been busy for us this week. It always seems to pick up when it rains. We’ve had a few days in a row where it was starting to look you might need a boat in order to come visit us. Thankfully, today looks rain free, and the forecast from MacMedics clients WJLA-TV in Washington, DC and WMAR-TV in Baltimore, MD looks pretty clear at least for the next few days. We might have a chance of rain tonight, but Mothers Day looks good.
MacMedics iPhone Repair
As you may have heard MacMedics is now repairing iPhones. We tried to “outsource” these complicated repairs, but the logistics were cumbersome, and we had no control over the price. In the long run we decided that in order to best serve you, we had to bring these types of repairs in house to improve both turn around and price.
I’m happy to report that the response from the iPhone and Apple community has been awesome. We’re doing iPhone repairs same day here in our Millersville, MD Mac Lab. Drop your iPhone off in the morning and we’ll do our best to have it fixed by the afternoon!
MacMedics Macintosh Repair & Service
Here in the lab we recently repaired a sick MacBook Pro shipped in from Costa Rica. The owner of that unit also sent in a pound of Costa Rica’s best coffee. The guys here in the lab loved that. I guess that’s one way to speed up your repair time – just give us some good coffee and we’re in top gear. That’s the Mac repair from the furthest away this week. We’ve handled repairs from Iraq a number of times. We’ve become quite well known for handling complicated repairs such as liquid spills, LCD replacements, and logic board repairs. In fact, many of these come to us from the Apple Store.
MacMedics vs. the Apple Store
Many folks are not near an Apple Store, so they need to send their units in to someplace, often they come here. More and more MacMedics clients are learning that the Apple Store (even if they are near one – MacMedics is right in the middle of three Apple Stores). For most repairs the Apple Store charges far more than we do here at MacMedics. Also, many Apple customers don’t know that when you have an out of warranty repair performed at Apple, you only end up with a 90-day warranty. Here at MacMedics you’ll likely pay far less and our “hassle-free” warranty is a full one-year. Our turn around is amazing, as we regularly complete complex repairs, often involving data transfer in just one day. MacMedics also offers low cost rental machines, so if you need a unit to get your work done on while yours is in the shop we’ve got you covered. MacMedics Service Partner clients get free loaners anytime they need a hardware repair.
We continue to perform iPod repairs at an unprecedented rate. We’ve got a great reputation as folks drive up to see us from Washington DC and Northern Virginia. This week someone even drove down from Delaware. (You CAN mail these iPods to us, we promise we’ll send them right back!)
Beware Of Fly-By-Night Repair Shops
There are so many folks jumping into the iPod/iPhone repair business. Don’t be enticed by all the ads on the Internet promising to fix anything for a wicked low price. I’m seeing tons of ads all over the country popping up on Craigslist. As all of you know, MacMedics is real Mac repair shop and as such we’re well suited to take these iPod repairs on. Don’t forget that many of the places on the Internet are one-man shops hiding behind a fancy web page. We’ve heard about some pretty bad repair experiences out there, and we often end up re-fixing iPods that have been sent elsewhere. We are in the repair business, so our full stock of iPod/iPhone service parts and our crew of Apple Certified techs are waiting to help bring your baby back to life. Don’t forget if at all possible, we’ll keep your music and other data intact.
MacMedics Current Repair Specials
For those of you looking for a really good iPod repair deal, we have made some of our most popular repair “specials” semi-permeant.
iPhone 3G top glass repair w/ 1-way FedEx is $109.99
iPod Video LCD or Headphone jack w/ 1-way FedEx is $55.95
iPod Classic LCD replacement w/ 1-way FedEx is $65.95
MacBook LCD replacement w/ 1-way FedEx is $349.95
Both of the iPod repairs also include a free battery.
Leopard 10.5.7 Is Coming
If you did not catch my Blog post about the rumored forthcoming 10.5.7, be sure to check it out BEFORE this update comes down the pike.
MacMedics “Second Chance” Backups [Second Hard Drive Installed In A MacBook Pro]
MacMedics is now installing our “second chance” back up system in the last generation of the MacBook Pro. This additional hard drive gets installed in place of your DVD drive, and offers a super clever way to ensure you always have a back up of your work. Just think if you are on a business trip and your hard drive dies, how cool would it be to just boot to the second drive and get on with your work. A really cool idea for those “road warrior” types who never seem to have time to plug into the network or stay in one place long enough to use Time Machine.
All of us here at MacMedics hope things are good with you and your Mac. If for any reason there’s a problem or a question, you know where to find us.

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