MacMedics Saves Data From An Apple PowerBook 520c From 1994 The Same Day It Was Dropped Off

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Update 3/8/14: MacMedics now charges $399 for our famous Data Recovery One service. However, we do now include a free 500GB USB hard drive to return your data to (if you send or bring us a bare hard drive), or it can be used as your future Time Machine backup hard drive so you NEVER have to go through the data recovery process again. See our website for more info:
MacMedics gets calls from Mac users all over the country regarding data recovery projects that were from hard drives that were once installed in Apple Macintosh computers from the early days of the Apple platform.
Old Macs with old operating systems such at System 6, System 7, System 8, and newer OS version such as OS 9 and 10 are no problem for us.
Many data recovery firms offer recovery for older files that are no longer accessible, but they often charge regular data recovery rates to help you obtain and convert your files. MacMedics has much more reasonable prices, as most data recovery cases cost no more than $399 (some cases are less depending on the situation).
Recently we recovered long lost (from 1994/1995) college papers, poems, and stories from a dead PowerBook 520C. Our client needed writing samples from her college studies that she had not been able to access for over 7 years, since the computer had died. The PowerBook had been thru five moves, including two that were out of the country. She had hung onto the old PowerBook hoping that someone would be able to recover the data for her at some point. MacMedics to the rescue!
We were able to pull the info off of her old PowerBook’s SCSI 2.5″ hard drive the same day and email all of her files to her as she moved out of town once again.
Step 1: Get the hard drive out of the dead PowerBook

Step 2: Take the 2.5 SCSI hard drive and install it into an enclosure.

Step 3: Transfer that info over to a beige desktop G3.

Step 4: Remove that hard drive out of the G3 desktop and hook it up via a FireWire dock for IDE hard drives to a MacMedics data recovery workstation.
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