MacMedics Went Above And Beyond For This Apple Service Customer

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

This reviewer had the following to say about our famous MacMedics In-Lab service after visiting us on Severna Park on March 1, 2014:
After having many problems with my Mac, I went to the Apple store twice and spent over 5 hours in store (and they were still unable to fix my Mac even though it was still under warranty). After leaving the Apple store and still having a computer that didn’t work, I found the MacMedics store information and brought in my computer.
Not only was every single employee beyond professional, understanding, and polite, they were also were able to fix my computer in less then 2 days!
I have nothing but great things to say about MacMedics and would highly recommend this store to anyone who has an Apple product related issue!

If you have a tough Macintosh service issue, come visit us in either our Severna Park or Lanham office. No appointments are ever required. If you need help carrying your Mac in, just call us from your car, and we’ll run out to carry it in for you.
MacMedics can fix any Mac even if it’s on Apple’s “Vintage” or “Obsolete” list. we also offer expert Macintosh Service, Sales, and Consulting.

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