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MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

Time after time, the feelings our client expresses below ring true. If you’re fed up with other Apple service and sales options, then you need to come see MacMedics in Millersville or Lanham. We’re the leading provider of Apple Service both in-lab and on-site in the Mid-Atlantic region.
For folks that live in Anne Arundel County and work in the Washington DC or Baltimore metro area, MacMedics has offices right off of RT 50 just outside the DC beltway in Lanham and 1/10 of a mile from I-97 at Benfield Blvd in Millersville. MacMedics IS the most convenient option for Apple sales and service. We stock all of the most common Apple, computers, iPads, iPods, and Apple accessories, like MacBook & MacBook Pro batteries, G4 and MagSafe power adapters, back up hard drives, and FireWire & USB cables. Also, in comparison to the Apple Store, our Apple Warranty and AppleCare service is the fastest. Most Apple warranty repairs are generally complete within 24 hours. It’s super easy to get to us and drop off your repairs quickly. Pull up right at our office door and you can be inside in 10 steps.
I have been using MacMedics for years and they are the only people our graphic designer friend would trust near his Mac and his data.
They have rescued me (my desktop or laptop) many times. They give wonderful suggestions–and not to just buy a new whatever–and they did a (diagnostic fee) refund for the time my dropped iMac really was beyond saving.
I could buy with an educator discount, but prefer to instead buy from MacMedics. Unlike making me deal with the mob and the screaming kids beating on computers in the Apple Store, MacMedic staff aren’t pretenious enough to have a “Genius Bar”. I really don’t enjoy feeling like a super dummy having to ask a bored, Gen Y’er, a question only to be answered in some type of geek-speak. I’m happy the Apple Store is in our Mall but delighted when I have MacMedic as a wonderful alternative to going to the Apple Store.
MacMedics also talks directly to me, one-on-one. I don’t have to perch on a stool to hear a canned training and be frustrated with the diversity of users perched around me.
Could be another generational issue for me but as I walk to the rear of the Apple Store it seems to get louder and darker. I always want to take my receipt and rush out for some fresh air.
Granted my GPS typically gets me a bit lost in the Millersville office park but I love being able to pull up to the door to drop off or pick up. I know the names of most of the Millersville staff. Really comforting when I’m having a tech crisis.

Dr. C
Columbia, MD

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