More Macintosh Service & Repair accolades for MacMedics!

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

One of our clients, Ric Phillips just posted the following on our Facebook Wall:
“MacMedics is the type of company every business should want to be like. Customer service is outstanding. Technical knowledge is over the top. Repairs and upgrades, in most cases, accomplished in 24 hours. And, let’s not forget the discount prices they offer their customers. Who wouldn’t want their Apple products in the gentle hands of MacMedics?
Hands down, MacMedics ROCKS over all other independent computer businesses.”

Thanks Ric! If you missed our post from a few days ago with some anonymous comments from AppleCare/MacMedics clients, you can catch that here. Also, be sure to catch our MacMedics Blog post that has had some comments along these same lines from one of our satisfied clients at Johns Hopkins.

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