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We’ve helped Dr. Brooks with a number of Mac service issues over the years. He was kind enough to send us this note last week. You can also read this over on the MacMedics Testimonials web page.
Thursday, 23 December 2010
I just want to express my appreciation for your stellar work over the years. I have been a Mac user professionally for about 15 years now, and during that time, have had more than one emergency, not to mention, requirements for upgrades and servicing.
I have used services in Europe and Asia, in addition to Apple’s own servicing centre in the USA, yet Mac Medics is my preferred site for servicing and repair for several reasons.
First is the personal touch. I come in, I am greeted by name, my records are there, and irrespective of the nature of the visit, am always made to feel that my needs matter; whether the job is for my work or my kid’s iPod.
Second is the depth of knowledge of the team. More than once, I have requested something specifically, only to have the Mac Medics team suggest something that turned out to be a better option, and often less expensive. When I have gone out and sought a second opinion, I have invariably found that the advice was exactly right.
Third is the straightforwardness and transparency of the work. When I drop off my machine, I get a call back that lays out the findings, the options, the cost and the estimated time to completion, and that is exactly what transpires; no hidden costs at pick up time.
Fourth is the thoroughness of the work. In 2008, my 17” MBP’s motherboard died. I received a call back on the repair work, and a Mac Medics staff member asked if the machine had been exposed to smoke, as this might be related to its current status. I had forgot that about 18 months prior, I had had one of the infamous Sony exploding batteries, and there was smoke associated with the event. Mac Medics suggested that, although they could do the necessary repair, I should talk to Apple, which I did and they (Apple) effectively replaced the entire machine (except the keyboard). Mac Medics’ approach demonstrated both thoroughness and integrity.
Then, there is the speed. The rate limiting step to any job I have requested is getting a part onsite. The turnaround time for even the most difficult jobs is brisk, which underscores that my time is valuable as well.
More than anything else, however, is trust. I appreciate that Mac Medics is authorised to service Apple products, stands by their work, and will re-service a job if it remains under warranty.
I highly recommend Mac Medics for both professional and consumer servicing needs.
W. Abdullah Brooks, MD, MPH
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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