More Macintosh service accolades for MacMedics. This time from Johns Hopkins University.

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When you love what you do and do what you love, in MacMedics’ case fixing Macintosh computers, you’re bound to win some raving fans. Hard drive replacements, upgrades, and retirements are a very common repair we do at least a few of them every day (See our special web page at for more info on retiring your hard drive). When a client’s computer is out of service for ANY reason, our Apple certified technicians are all over it until the unit is successfully repaired and tested and back on our client’s desk.
A client from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine checked their laptop into the MacMedics Mac Clinic we jumped right on it. Also, because of our long history and connection to Johns Hopkins, MacMedics offers all Johns Hopkins students, faculty, and staff a 10% discount on all Macintosh service (parts and labor). If you’re from JHU, just flash your ID badge or show your business card to claim your discount.
It’s always a nice reaffirmation to get some positive feedback for your repair work, so we had a pleasant note waiting for us in today’s e-mail. Here’s what our client had to say about his recent experience with our in-lab service team:
My 2008 MacBook Pro came with a 120Gb hard drive. Needless to say that, if you are into digital photography, you have to upgrade quite fast to a bigger capacity hard drive. MacMedics’ service is simply unbeatable. They are fast, friendly, reliable, and affordable. I turned in my Macbook in the afternoon, I got it back the day after, with a brand new hard drive and a fresh copy of Mac OS X installed. I particularly appreciated MacMedics’ frequent email updates, that kept me informed of every step in the process. Moreover, my impression was that I was treated with the same professionalism and competence as a big business account would have been. This fact only makes a big difference. Best of all? A substantial discount for Johns Hopkins employees. You can’t go wrong with MacMedics!
Sebastien Morisot, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University 
School of Medicine

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