More Positive Comments For MacMedics Or Is That Mac Batman?

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

One of our medical clients posted this review for Jeff, one of our Macintosh Engineers here in the Baltimore office:
Jeff is like Mac Batman! All I have to do is shine my “Apple symbol” in the sky and he flies in to save the day. Jeff is amazing, and for an all Mac, completely digital orthodontic office, Jeff has always been very patient and kind to all of our staff and nothing less than professional when he is in our office while our doctors are with patients. If you have any Mac needs no matter what the software program you are using, Mac Medics is the only choice for support. The staff at MacMedics work well together as a team and when Jeff is out saving the day for another client I am directed to another technician who is more than pleased to help me troubleshoot my Mac problem. I am so pleased with the service and care provided by MacMedics that I just had to take a moment out of a very hectic day to let you know. If you have a Mac, then MacMedics is where you need to be.

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