My 8 top Twitter posts for last week.

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham
RT @marioarmstrong Video: Digital Santa series! Save money on your Apple power cords! Heres how from @DanaStibolt iBook G4 (2004) and eMac hit #Apple “Vintage” list. Original iBook G4 and Quicksilver G4 Hit the “Obsolete” list. Sound the alarm! A counterfeit #iPhone 3G S is inspected and compared to real iPhone 3G S at @MacMedics Are you using @MacMedics for your Mac IT? If not, you can still get free second opinion on your network from us! I just updated my Blog post “Ten Great Reasons Not To Wait In line & Fight The Crowds At The Apple Store”. Why using a #Drobo for Apple’s Time Machine might not be a good idea. Hard drives can die at anytime! New or old. Make sure you’re backed up. We just updated our web page with top 5 rules.

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