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One of our clients recently chimed in with the following testimonial for MacMedics. We’re delighted that our clients are so pleased with our services.
“As the IT manager for a regional professional video production company, I need an Apple Authorized Reseller that can keep up with our heavy computer needs. When other firms faltered with our Macintosh needs and response time, I started looking for an alternative. It did not take long to find help at MacMedics and to start reaping the benefits of their resources almost immediately. When our server started having problems a few years ago, I reached out to MacMedics for help, and they immediately started helping me figure out the problem by offering suggestions over the phone. We ended up needing a service call and MacMedics quickly responded to our facility to look into the problem.
When I need something, or have a question, I call my representative at MacMedics, and usually have the info I need right away. When we required some large hard drives in a pinch, I called down to MacMedics and they had them custom built and delivered the same day! I’ve been impressed by MacMedics’ commitment to our Macintosh envioment and amount of follow though that they provide.
We need to upgrade our server to a new model and install a new Final Cut Pro intake server, I once again called on the team at MacMedics for help. They have already delivered my order personally, and they will be back to install it all when we’re ready for it.
MacMedics and Apple have helped us meet our IT needs and have helped Producers Video stay current with technology, thus allowing us to remain competitive in our field.”
Steve Palmieri
Producers Video
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