New MacMedics Client Calls Our Service "Amazing"

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

A Google Local review from MacMedics client, Angelina:
“An Apple representative recommended this place when my hard drive crashed a few months ago. Although they were unable to fix the issue, since it was mechanical, they were more than helpful. They were empathetic to my situation since the hard drive contained pictures/videos of the first two years of my daughter’s life. They were so helpful and knew exactly what they were talking about. They informed me of my data recovery options and recommended the best way to go about the situation. Their recommendations were far from self-serving and were shaped to fit my needs, even if that meant they would lose money. I will never go anywhere else. Everyone there is amazing. They even took it a step farther, since it is a bit of a drive for me; they looked at my computer with in 15 minutes (even though they were closing) and called me so that I could pick it up before I left the area. AMAZING.”
You can see more Google reviews here:
If we’ve helped you in the past, please consider leaving us a review, as we’ve just had the honor of someone posting a totally fake review (which we responded to). You can also post a review on Yelp at:
If you’re in a serious data recovery situation and you need a second opinion, please call us at 1-866-MAC-MEDICS. If we can’t help you, as was the case with the client who wrote the Google review of MacMedics that is listed at the top of the message, we’ll refer you to one of our data recovery “clean room” partners. If you already know that you need to go to “clean room” data recovery, like if the hard drive was damaged by liquid, or it was dropped and now is not spinning, we can send you right to our partners with the details you need as well as discount codes (free evaluation and up to 10% off a recovery) for most major data recovery firms.

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