New Review: MacMedics Delivers On Excellent Customer Service Again. (It's Kinda' Our Thing!)

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Another review for MacMedics:
MacMedics, Millersville, MD‎
By KT – Jan 1, 2010
“After purchasing her iMac at the Apple Store, my mother’s computer had some problems. We took it back to the Apple Store and they diagnosed a failed hard drive and replaced it. One week later the same problems were occurring. We didn’t want to go through the hassle of going back to the Apple Store in the mall where we had to drag the computer through the parking lot and then through the shoppers inside. We decided to take it to MacMedics and we were pleasantly surprised with the professional, efficient and fast service. The location in Millersville, MD is convenient and the parking is right in front of the facility. When my husband and I started having problems with our own computers we decided to go back to MacMedics. Everyone we dealt with is knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to giving the best customer service and positive experience. After diagnosing the problems, it was determined our older laptops were at the end of their life cycles. We made the decision to purchase our new iMac from MacMedics rather than going to the Apple Store or ordering online. The computer arrived quickly after ordering and when we went to pick it up we were able to see the unit we were purchasing. Also, the data from our old computer was migrated to the new computer. While there, we were able to ask questions and we were given an overview of the new system. That is old fashioned customer service and my husband and I highly recommend their repair service but also their sales service. They are easy to deal with and go out of their way to give customer satisfaction. An additional service they provide is to recycle older/broken Macs and parts. MacMedics is a valuable local business for Mac users.”

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