New testimonial for helping MacMedics client take "Big Box" electronics retailer to court

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We’ve blogged about computer repair shops that don’t focus exclusively on fixing Macs or places that don’t employ Apple Authorized technicians. There are lots of computer techs working at lots of shops that DO fix PCs, but Macs are not PCs and just because you know how to fix a Dell, that does not automatically qualify you to fix any computer, especially a Mac.
You may recall our post about our client who had his computer destroyed at a “Big Box” retailer, when he wanted to get his iBook fixed faster then we could do it. He just sent us this testimonial detailing what happened.
“In October 2008, my hard drive died in my iBook G4. I went to Mac Medics after reading up on them and finding them to be the most reliable Mac repair shop in the area. I brought my iBook in to the shop for repairs but it was going to take longer than I wanted to wait because I was in a rush to get back to work. Against my better judgment, I opted to take my iBook to the country’s largest electronics and media retailer instead. To make a long story short, they destroyed my laptop and refused to accept responsibility for it. I went back to Mac Medics to get a diagnostic (which they did for free!) and was told it would make more sense to buy a new laptop than to fix the old one due to the damage that was done. So at their advice, I took the retailer to small claims court armed with an arsenal of evidence provided to me by Mac Medics to help substantiate my case. Several months later, the retailer decided to settle out court rather than face a losing court case. What makes this experience that started off as horrible one into one that I look back and be positive about is that Dana and his Mac Medics staff assisted me in my case when they had no legal obligations to do. To help me out when I was in a particularly bad spot without asking anything in return is something that speaks volumes about this company. I can say one thing, if more companies had one shred of the integrity that Mac Medics possesses, the Better Business Bureau would have to close shop. Thanks again Dana and Mac Medics crew, you will definitely be highly recommended!”
Isma’il Rashada
Rashada Design

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