Once Again, MacMedics To The Data Recovery Rescue

MacMedics Locations in Severna Park & Lanham

A new client in our Washington DC office, brought us a MacBook that had a dying hard drive. He needed the data, so Mike H, one of the talented MacMedics in Lanham was able to recover it all.
Folks, this would be so much easier if everyone had data back ups. I promise you that even without countless “Data Recovery” cases coming in every day, we’ll still be able to stay in business. If you don’t have a tested, working, and automatic backup working for, it’s TIME to get one. We can help if you need guidance.
If you have a back up, then test it, and please consider a clone back up and an off-site back up to boot. You can never have TOO MANY back ups.
Our client in Washington DC sent this:
“Dear Mr Stibolt
I want to let you know that I received excellent service from Mike at your DC location near Bowie, Maryland. My MacBook was very ‘sick’ and Mike helped repair it, and save my data
I will surely recommend MacMedics to friends and family…
Best regards,
Steven S.”

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