One degree of separation from Carl Kasell of NPR!

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An unusual coincidence happened while I demoed a MacBook Pro 16” for a new customer this week. He wanted to hear how the speakers sounded. Since this is the same Mac I use for work at MacMedics, I had the perfect demo. I navigated to and searched for the Led Zeppelin Kennedy Center Honors performance of Stairway to Heaven with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. I started the video and stood to the side so he could hear the sound well.

As soon as the video started, the announcer said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the son of John Bonham, Jason Bonham.” Then “Ladies and gentlemen, From Heart, Ann, and Nancy Wilson.” The customer then stopped the video before the music started. I looked over at him, and he seemed upset. I asked if he was ok? He paused briefly and said, “Do you know who that is?” I was confused, “Who?” I asked. “The announcer,” he replied. I did not know. He said, “Carl Kasell; I was his Producer at NPR for eleven years.” Of course, he was right. It was Carl Kasell of NPR News and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! I often watch that video during demos in the store and never noticed that Carl was also the announcer for Kennedy Center Honors.

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