Pro Tip: Lojack For Laptops Users – Always Have Your Recovery Info With You

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If your laptop gets stolen, and you don’t have quick draw access to your registration info, you could lose critical time in reporting your loss to LoJack For Laptops.
Sounds complicated, right? Nope, It’s super easy.
1. If you don’t have your registration info from LoJack already, then log in to get it.
2. Once you’re logged into your account, print a copy of your license.
3. Print that document, and save it as a PDF to your desktop.
4. Drag that license PDF to iTunes, then it will place the PDF in to your iTunes Library under “Books”.
5. If you have your iPhone set up to “sync” Books, then that PDF will show up in iBook on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Now if you MacBook Pro goes missing or gets ripped off, you have the info you need to report it right at your finger tips on your iPhone or iPod touch.
Also, if you’ve already upgraded to Lion and you have LoJack installed, be sure to follow the steps on our prior Blog post.
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