Recovering data from a 27-year-old Mac? Sure thing, just another normal day at MacMedics!

We had the opportunity to help a MacMedics customer today retrieve data from a Power Mac 7200 From 1996 with a SCSI hard drive. The old Power Mac wouldn’t turn on, so we connected the SCSI hard drive to a Power Mac G4 with an internal SCSI card to retrieve the data. The PowerMac G4 booted off the customer’s hard drive and loaded macOS 9, which is an operating system we don’t get to work with very much anymore. Since the Power Mac G4 has built-in USB ports, we could plug in a hard drive to recover the data. This will allow us to attach the rescue drive to the customer’s new Mac, enabling us to transfer the information quickly. This type of data recovery has been a prevalent method over the years at MacMedics. Unfortunately, with the new Mac computers, the hard drives can no longer be removed, which means it’s more important than ever to back up your data with Time Machine. That way, your data is secure if you have a sudden failure with the logic board or the device won’t power on for some reason!

Data recovery from a 27 year old Power Mac 7200 with a SCSI drive!

You can check out one of my recent blog posts explaining the importance of multiple backups.

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