Review: MacMedics' Experts Don't Sleep Until They Solve Your Macintosh Problems!

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It’s not hard to see that the crew here at MacMedics love what they do. Here’s another review that just popped up. The reviewer is correct, we really don’t sleep until we have the problem solved.
“These folks are great! MacMedics’ experts don’t sleep until they solve your Macintosh problems (not that there are a ton of Mac problems)! I’ve purchased computers and peripherals from MacMedics and have benefitted from their encyclopedic knowledge of hardware and software–including PC/DOS software that runs on a virtual PC they set up on my Mac Pro. So, if you wannabe a Mac user, or are already are, frankly, you can’t go wrong by relying on the experts, their cheerful advice, and dogged determination to excel at MacMedics!
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