Rock band's MacBook gets smashed on tour. MacMedics to the rescue!

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So, you’re the manager for a rock bank on their summer tour and your MacBook’s LCD is sudden cracked. Sounds like you’ve got yourself a major problem as the going rate for such a repair is about $800, it could take a few days, and you’ve got to leave town in less then 24 hours for your next gig. Good thing your band was only as far away as Cordova (on Maryland’s Eastern Shore) from MacMedics’ Millersville H.Q.
A is for Avenue a Punk-Pop band happened to be in the area yesterday and thanks to the awesome word of mouth in the local Apple community, they found their way to MacMedics.
Turns out this particular MacBook (inside a backpack) on board the tour van got crunched. The LCD only had about two inches of readable screen that was viewable. So after making the arrangements for the next tour stop by way of moving windows around so they could see what they needed in the two inch section, they brought the unit into us.
Looks like the whole band stopped by to check us out while we checked in the MacBook for repair. They were leaving town the next morning, so we told them we would have it repaired and ready for them. Total turn around time about 2 hours.
Well, they are off to Connecticut for the next leg of their tour. Another happy customer! They tweeted about the repair on Twitter:
@BrianDollard “thank you @macmedics for hooking me up on tour, any mac problems check them out at”
Here is Brian’s review of our quick service on
“While on tour with my band, the LCD screen on my MacBook was crushed while stowed in our van. We were only in Maryland for 48 hours, but Dana and his team showed some great hospitality by fixing the screen within a few hours, and saving me the $500 more the Apple store wanted to charge me. I am very grateful for their excellent customer service and will be sending them my machine if it has any future problems.”
If your MacBook (Polycarbonate) has a cracked or bad LCD, we’d love to help you out. Drop it off or ship it in, we’ll turn it around same day in most cases. See hour Blog post about our $349 flat rate repair. Got a major MacBook problem with multiple part failures (like a liquid spill or a bad case of a dropped MacBook)? MacMedics can help. We certainly can replace your sad MacBook or MacBook Pro (or PowerBook or iBook too!) with a brand new Apple laptop of your choice, and take your damaged unit as a trade-in. We also have done a few used MacBook whole unit replacements as well. We take your sick unit and remove it’s hard drive and pop it into a “newer” MacBook. Prices start out at about $650 with all labor and the trade-in of our sick unit. What’s the advantage? No labor, no wait, and 1-year MacMedics warranty on the whole unit.

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