Sick of SPAM???!

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Are you wondering why certain ex-government officials from Nigeria who happen to have a surplus sum of money they want to give away are seeking you out??
Has your in-box been drowning in a sea of murky SPAM riddled with offers to purchase drugs from Canada, unknown parties trying to get you part with personal info, and notifying you that you’ve won a lottery in the United Kingdom?
If you’re like us and you have an e-mail address that’s been in circulation for a number of years, then you’re most likely all too familiar with the mountains of SPAM that pour into your e-mail account.
Everyone knows what SPAM is, but many folks don’t know that all of that junk e-mail adds up as traffic that slows down your network. All of those of e-mails also take up space on your server and clog in your in-box and web mail interface. Having hundreds of SPAM messages being zinged to you all hours of the day and the night can be a pain when you’re using a mobile device like an iPhone to stay in touch with your e-mail. Before I got my SPAM problem under control, my ratio of real e-mails to spam e-mail was 10 to 1 at the very least. Needless to say it was tough to stay in touch when one has to wade through all of that SPAM from the road.
There’s nothing like a motivated computer consultant when it comes to problem as big as this. Thankfully, MacMedics now has a way to totally control the onslaught of junk e-mail and keep it and the virus threats that come with it off your network, and out of your e-mail box. I was amazed how this service cut 99% of my SPAM out of life and gave me a way to insure I did not accidently block a message I wanted to read.
MacMedics is pleased to offer this service to our clients who have their own domains. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s incredibly easy to use. For $2 (or less) per mailbox, per month, you can take advantage of this amazing tool. This service is not only super effective on filtering junk e-mail and security threats, but it also offers a helpful side benefit of caching your e-mail for you if your server is ever off-line or your lose your Internet connection. When your server is back on the network, all of the mail that was sent to you during your down-time is all sent from the service.
If you’re ready to say GOOD-BYE to SPAM, we’re ready to help get your mail server enrolled in the system. If you’d like more information or a demo of the service, please get in touch with your local MacMedics office or e-mail us (SPAM free of course).
Our SPAM filtering service also offers amazing e-mail hosting with very robust support and excellent webmail interface. If running your own mail server has turned into a pain, we can help you get that off of your network, stop paying for IT support on it, and help you get rid of SPAM at the same time.

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